We are a national community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs of color to grow their businesses. Our members span industries and include tech and non-tech enterprises. We are dedicated to helping minority entrepreneurs WIN and are excited to connect with others who seek the same goal. 


Community Building  | Education | Resource Mobilization



We work hard to keep our growing community connected to one another and others capable of helping them build their best business. Here are just a few ways we are working to build a strong and thriving entrepreneurial community. 





Since launching, we've communicated weekly with our members - sharing information on opportunities, resources and events - along with a regular dose of motivation and inspiration. Click here to access past newsletters. 



Our online Slack group allows our members to interact directly with one another. We've several channels including #helpwanted, #hotresources and #letstalktech, which allow for more specific conversations and interaction.



We've the largest open source database of minority small businesses in the country. Our member businesses span across industry and sector, and range in size and stage. 



In 2018, we held local meet-ups in Atlanta, New York and San Francisco. Our meet-ups have been incredibly popular as our members love connecting with other entrepreneurs of color within their area.



At Founders of Color, we help our members to close the knowledge gap so that they are able to scale their businesses in ways that are smart, focused and strategic. 





We partnered with Google to deliver online marketing workshops to our members. Attendees received personalized coaching and discounts to use Google online marketing services. 




We took a delegation to the Global Crowdfunding Convention in Las Vegas. Our members were blown away by the content and the experience enabled them to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns on their own. 



Our popular Insider Webinar Series has allowed us to deliver high quality content, while providing a platform for members within our community to share their expertise. We've had hundreds join us for our webinars, with topics ranging from social media and marketing to building small business infrastructure.



In January, we launched our first 21-Day Challenge designed to help entrepreneurs of color enter the new year focused and on task! Each day, members were posed a question that they were to tackle in one of our two accountability groups. Click here to access our legacy page. 



In an effort to provide diverse ways for our members to learn and grow, we are developing a suite of online learning products. We launched our first curriculum Scale + Grow in February and our first ebook Mastering LinkedIn in March.  



In an effort to help our members build highly sustainable and profitable businesses, we've launched an immersive 3-month experience based on Scale + Grow where participants move through a comprehensive curriculum and benefit from peer coaching and accountability support.


Connectivity is our super power. 

At Founders of Color, we aspire to connect the dots. By standing in the gap, we are able to deliver powerful outcomes for our members, connecting them to resources and relationships that they otherwise would not be able to access. Here are just a few of our "wins". 

Amari Ruff, Founder of Sudu

At FOC, we have a solid sense of the capabilities of our more active members, so when opportunities present themselves, we're able to make meaningful connections fairly quickly. After linking Amari with our friends at Comcast Ventures, he was able to secure a bridge investment that enabled him to take his logistics startup to the next level. 

Roshawwna Novellus, Founder of EnrichHER. 

There are few entrepreneurs with more hustle than Roshawwna. Therefore, when she saw the opportunity to pitch at the Pitch Black competition at SXSW on FOC's Slack Channel, she did submitted her application right away. The effort paid off because she was chosen as the Audience Choice winner, securing a $2500 prize. 

Temiloluwa Adeniyi, Founder of Nopneu

Temi is on a mission to reduce infant mortality through Nopneu which provides solutions for the early detection of pneumonia in infants. She also applied for Pitch Black at SXSW after seeing the opportunity shared in our Slack Group and ultimately walked away with the top prize, a $10,000 check and Judge's Choice Award. 


Stevonne Ratliff, Owner of Concept Forty-Seven

With two bay area stores and a growing hair product line, Stevonne knew it was time to expand. So, when she saw the Odyssey Media Pitch Competition application in the FOC newsletter, she decided to apply. She was selected to participate in the competition and as a result, secured a $25,000 grant to scale her business.  

Celena Green, Founder of Teke Global

At FOC, we frequently hear from organizations who to ensure their programs are reaching a diverse audience and this was the case with INVANTI, an accelerator out of Indiana. When Celena learned about the opportunity through our newsletter she applied and was ultimately selected. She's since relocated to Indiana to pursue her dream and build her best business.  

Jay Jemal and Alicia Butler-Pierre of Blucidy

FOC is one of the few communities where entrepreneurs from across industries can connect and cross-pollinate to pursue potential opportunities and partnerships. Jay and Alicia met at an FOC event and struck up a conversation about a potential collaboration. Today, Jay is the CEO and Alicia the COO of Blucidy - a blockchain powered social enterprise platform.

In their own words...

"I'm so glad I participated in the 21 Day Entrepreneur Challenge hosted by Founders of Color. I was able to learn from other business owners just like me how to manage some of the challenges I face in scaling my business. I was also able to validate some of the strategies I'm looking to implement. I'm thankful to Kelly Burton and her team for such an engaging and transformational experience."

Samí Haiman-Marrero
President & CEO, URBANDER

"I now have an actual roadmap for 2019 that I can follow to navigate us through what I know will be our best year yet! Thank you! "

Lisa Deane
President, Federal Contractors, Inc.

"The 21 Day Challenge helped me identify the business-owner side of me that I had never previously tapped. This was very eye-opening for me as a brand new business owner. Great foundation for years to come."

Tina Smith
CEO, The Financial T

"The wealth of information the presenter provided in such a short period of time was amazing. Please post the replay when you can. People are missing out on these webinars!"

Anonymous Member
Post-Webinar Evaluation

"I'm filled with gratitude for you and this workshop. Thank you."

Anonymous Member
Post-Webinar Evaluation

"That is by far the best social media webinar I've ever attended. "

Ayanna Buckner
CEO, Community Health Cooperative



Ecosystem Map

Our ecosystem map features national organizations with programs geared towards helping minority entrepreneurs. You can download it by clicking here.

Opportunity Guide

Our Opportunity Guide catalogues some of the best opportunities that we've featured in our newsletter over the last year.  You can access it by clicking here.



Let's work together.

At Founders of Color, we're interested in IMPACT. If you want to achieve true and lasting change on issues related to minority entrepreneurship, there is no better partner than us. Contact Tiffany Brackens at [email protected] to explore opportunities for us to come together for the good!


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