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Founders of Color is the fastest growing community of minority entrepreneurs in the nation because we understand your journey and are committed to your success.

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Our Why

We are here for one reason…to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS.


Here’s a little known fact.

White led firms generate 10 x the revenue of black led firms and 8 x the revenue of Latino firms.

At FOC, we know that in order to close the wealth gap, we must first close the growth gap. Entrepreneurship is our communities’ way to wealth creation and we’re going to help you master the game!

Our Impact

Are you new to Founders of Color? Stop by our Impact Page to see what we've been up to. Since 2017, we've delivered a range of high-quality programs and supports designed to help our members take their businesses to the next level. In 2019, we'll be intensifying our efforts in order to scale our reach and achieve even greater impact. 


The Collective

The Collective is a subscription based membership program designed to help existing entrepreneurs to systematically and deliberately build their best business. It's specifically designed to enable business owners to escape the "solopreneur trap" and build profitable businesses that last! Click here to learn more. Enrollment reopens January 2020.

Group Coaching Program

In an effort to help our members build highly sustainable and profitable businesses, we've launched an immersive 3-month experience based on Scale + Grow where participants move through a comprehensive curriculum and benefit from peer coaching and accountability support.

Click here to apply for the 2020 Winter cohort which begins in January. 

We're Ready to Lead.

Entrepreneurship has the power to close the racial wealth gap, but the status quo won't get us there. We need to take a bold step in a new direction.

In our new report, Disrupt This!: Why Minority Entrepreneurship is Stuck and What Needs to Happen Next, we call for a radical shift in the way minority entrepreneurs are supported and argue the need for a national organization (FOC) to offer sustained vision, strategy and leadership. 


Grow Your Business Today

How to Grow a Sustainable Six Figure Business is our most popular webinar to date!

In it, our founder Kelly Burton shares the 4 hacks that have enabled her to beat the odds and build a business that has delivered her true economic and professional freedom. You can check it out here.

Who We Are

Founders of Color was founded by Kelly Burton, a fellow entrepreneur who was tired of “going at it alone” and knew there had to be a better way.

Take a ride with Kelly and hear our origins story for yourself.





You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

For more information, you can reach us at [email protected].


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